Bylaws MSPA Global Board 

The MSPA Common Codes of Professional Standards and Ethical Conduct

MSPA Global seeks to promote the exchange of information amongst the MSPA regions around the world and works to identify opportunities for cooperation in domains of common interest. Solely relating to branding, ethics and matters of geography. 


MSPA is a series of regionally organised associations of professionals united as a common body for the purpose of strengthening the mystery shopping industry through combined efforts and actions. MSPA exists to improve and stimulate the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of mystery shopping services. 


The primary goals of MSPA are to establish professional standards and best practices; regulate ethical behaviour; educate providers and their employees, clients and shoppers in order to improve quality of service; foster the image of the industry; and promote the value of member products and services.


  • Bylaws of the MSPA Global Board (adopted October 10, 2009, revised and accepted October 1, 2019) - download pdf
  • The MSPA Common Codes of Professional Standards and Ethical Conduct (adopted:19 September 2018) - download pdf